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Customer experience has become the key purchasing criterion. It is what all companies are talking about, striving to offer an omni-channel, smooth and personalized customer experience. Despite all the “hype”, companies are facing challenges in analyzing and monitoring their performance in terms of how their customers feel about their own journey. Do you know if customers are satisfied with the customer experience you are providing?

Velvet’s HCX™ (Hyper Customer eXperience) approach helps you monitoring the delivered customer experience. Based on this analysis, we will be able to identify learnings and make recommendations to improve satisfaction and achieve concrete results.

First of all, with the HCX Intensity Multisectoral Barometer, created in partnership with the CSA survey institute, we offer:

  • Customer experience assessment based on recent customer visits’ feedback (NPS, CES, BES…)
  • Benchmark of these results to understand where you stand compared to your competitors and other sectors
  • The opportunity to analyze these results at each step and touch point of the customer journey for all your different key persona

Panel: 300 recent customers (<6 months) by Brand, hence x4 compared to classic quantitative studies. A sample population adjusted based on the customer profile from the scoping study (age, sex, SPC, region). 50 online questions to assess the key customer experience indicators and every step of the journey.

An audit will be carried out (processing and crossing data from the barometer results with your internal data) in order to understand your strengths and weaknesses, and put in place operational actions to increase customer satisfaction and create a memorable experience.

Can’t see your brand in the HCX Intensity Multisectoral Barometer? We can put in place for you a dedicated barometer within a short time, integrating your competitors as well as tailor-made questions.

Want to know more about HCX ? Feel free to reach out, we will be happy to further discuss about customer experience!

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Want to know more about HCX ?

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