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Reinvent Loyalty

New innovative, responsible and omnichannel loyalty program.

The need

As part of a global business transformation, a leader in retail wants to revise its loyalty program to be more innovative, diverse, flowing and focused on ROI.

The main objectives of the loyalty program :

  • Generate growing revenue
  • Create a preferential brand and engagement
  • Stand out by being innovative and attractive
  • Place omnichannel at the heart of the program


En conjuguant la croissance du revenu, l'accélération de l'omnicanalité et l'amélioration de la connaissance client, nous créons un fort impact sociétal, propulsant ainsi l'entreprise vers un avenir innovant et prospère.

  • +17%

    purchase frequency without destruction of average basket

  • +15%

    app download

  • +20%

    account creation

  • 25%

    of points given to food banks by customers

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The partnership with Velvet was based on a shared vision to create a loyalty program that would transform the customer experience

  • Etoile

    Strategy, experience and business plan

    The designed loyalty strategy is based on four essential pillars: simplicity, generosity, diversity and personalization. It was then declined and supported by an adapted tone of voice and postures. The program's mechanics were designed to be easily understood by customers while remaining economically viable. Finally, a well-thought-out customer journey and triggers help maximize the impact of the program, thus strengthening lasting ties with customers.

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    Program and change management

    Migration and project management were key to ensuring a smooth transition to the new program. Thanks to effective change management, understanding and acceptance of the program was facilitated, allowing successful implementation and smooth integration at headquarters and in stores.

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    Deep dive into personalization and omnichannel

    Furthermore, we supported our client in choosing a Customer Data Platform (CDP). As a result, clients can go even further in terms of personalization and omnichannel activation. The platform now makes it possible to gather and efficiently use customer data. Thus, our client can deliver tailored experiences, strengthening customer engagement and loyalty.