Velvet’s mission is to orchestrate your customer-centric transformations for sustainable growth.

All brands claim to be customer-centric, but only about one-tenth actually succeed in proving it and making it a reality for their customers. Becoming truly customer-centric is a major challenge, especially as the evolution of consumer habits accelerates.

On the surface, this means aligning all customer touchpoints to ensure a consistent experience. Every interaction should create value and evoke a positive emotion in the customer. In-depth, this may require a transformation of the company's economic, organizational, operational, technological, and cultural models, all in service to the customer.

With 20 years of experience in transformations, we adopt a pragmatic business-oriented mindset by leveraging our HCX* transformation framework, which is at the core of all our achievements.

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We combine our integrated expertise in Consulting, Creativity, Data, and Technology with our innovation capacity to create, deliver, and operate sustainable and memorable experiences for your customers.

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We connect all business functions to create the most beautiful experiences.

We believe in the power of collaboration and enhance our services with complementary expertise, including media planning, branding, monitoring, production, and press relations.

The Velvet project is centered on innovation, knowledge transmission, and humanity.

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    We dedicate our teams to innovation.

    We invest in the future by funding research projects on Artificial Intelligence. Our team of doctors works on exciting use cases to efficiently and sustainably elevate experiences.

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    We work for knowledge transmission.

    We are driven by the elevation of future generations and our communities through knowledge. Our experts teach our methodologies, and we are committed to several associations through our skills philanthropy.

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    We are a strong collective.

    Recommended by all our clients, we stand out for our empathetic approach to our clients and partners. The "Velvet Touch" is our signature, a warm and human approach that accompanies you throughout your customer-centric transformation.