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    The experience and transmission

    An experience is already a form of learning and sometimes even an inspiration: at Velvet, everything is geared towards learning, evolving, and then transmitting. The exciting missions surrounding our clients' challenges are our primary field of experience and accomplishment: here, you will create the Customer Experience of tomorrow.

    But Velvet also opens up other possibilities: skills philanthropy, education, innovation projects... and the joy that characterizes the feeling of fulfillment in each of our collective moments, both in everyday life and in exceptional circumstances. Here, we are committed to sharing our experiences, our knowledge, and spreading them for the common good: it's one of our strong commitments.

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    Experience of excellence

    Our profession is based on excellence and a constant demand for our clients. This pursuit enables each individual and the Velvet collective to surpass themselves and achieve fulfillment. To accomplish what was once unimaginable, to push boundaries, to innovate... relying on strong expertise and breaking free from it as well: to go further, to live intensely the experience of today to invent that of tomorrow.

    Our excellence is dedicated to the excellence of our clients. This involves innovative approaches, teamwork, and daily engaged management.

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    An inclusive experience

    Since its inception, Velvet has always placed the respect for individual uniqueness as a founding principle. Every Velveteer is unique and should be able to 'become who they are' during their Velvet experience.

    This deep respect for individuals thrives in a strong, supportive, open, and curious collective that embraces differences and complementary strengths as an enrichment of thought and possibilities. Our collaboration with VML within the WPP group, the hybridization of our talents for the benefit of our clients and rich experiences, is also a demonstration of this.

    Our approach to talent management empowers each individual to be an active participant in their journey: we write it together, with a focus on human support and closeness. At Velvet, there is no one-size-fits-all path!

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