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Persona 2.0

Rich personas, actionable in media and CRM.

The need

An actor in custom-made furniture needs to create strong, inspiring and concrete personas therefore easily activated in media and CRM .

The main objectives of the mission were:

  • Create enriched personas based on customer data and on current trends
  • Identify the right publishers to materialize personas into concrete audiences
  • Make internal teams aware of these personas
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The partnership with Velvet is based on the complementarity of the data-driven marketing strategy and strategic planning for optimal activation .

  • Etoile

    Creation of personas

    Personas were first built based on the customer/CRM database and a questionnaire (socio-demographic, archetypes, housing, interests and media consumption). Then, we enriched them by adding lifestyle elements, brands and consumer trends. The combination of data marketing expertise with newest trends has given rise to rich, meaningful and concrete personas.

  • Etoile

    Materialization of audiences

    Once the enriched personas were created, our challenge was to materialize them into concrete and active audiences. We worked hand in hand with advertising agencies such as Facebook, Google, Dailymotion, Pinterest, etc. (proposal of targeting methods and audience estimates) to formulate an audience targeting recommendation.

  • Etoile

    Change management

    Our client 's ambition was to bring the teams together behind common targets and objectives. This is why it was important for them to make all departments aware of these personas. We have therefore produced several supports to acculturate teams to these: creation of flyers, posters, educational videos.