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Measurement of the Experience

Reconciling Brand Experience and Customer Experience

The need

Un leader des capsules de café a besoin de mesurer en continu la qualité des interactions qu'il a avec ses clients ainsi que leur satisfaction, sur l'ensemble des canaux de manière consolidée.


  • Measure and visualize Brand and Customer Experience
  • Define and communicate action plans and measure their effectiveness
  • Compare the evolution of BX and CX over the years
  • Industrialize the analysis of studies through AI
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The partnership with Velvet was forged around the creation of a 360° vision of the brand and customer experience.

  • Etoile

    Definition of fundamentals

    In our approach, we identified relevant literature for inspiration, precisely defined the brand values, and developed a thesaurus organized according to affective, intellectual, sensory, and behavioral dimensions. In parallel, we meticulously designed customer journeys and key life moments.

  • Etoile

    Automatic extraction and analysis

    In analyzing our corpus of 40 studies (28 quantitative and 12 qualitative) including measures such as NPS, CVS, and barometers, we weighted the results based on their nature and the number of respondents. Using natural language processing (NLP) techniques such as stemming and lemmatization, we identified keywords from the thesaurus and counted their frequency. The results were examined in relation to values, dimensions, variables, channels, and customer types.

  • Etoile

    CX and BX map design

    To make BX and CX results clear and appealing, we used Figma to create a customized map. Our goal was to facilitate understanding for teams, so we integrated our client's modern colors, fonts, and visual identity into the design. This ensures an aesthetic and intuitive presentation, aligned with the brand image, so that insights are quickly understood by everyone.