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Marketing Autonomy

Empower marketing teams through the Customer Data Platform for greater autonomy.

The need

As part of its customer marketing transformation plan and the digitization of paper flyers, a leading retail player aims to optimize data processing to hyper-personalize its campaigns.

The main objectives of the transformation program were to:

  • Make customer data easily accessible to marketers
  • Orchestrate individualized multichannel communication
  • Continuously optimize personalization
  • Improve marketing efficiency and investments
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The partnership with Velvet is based on the desire to empower marketing teams in campaign management topics: targeting, activation, and performance.

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    Scope and timeline

    The definition of the transformation program began with the formalization and prioritization of business use cases. An assessment of the current state through a series of workshops concluded with a gap analysis. This step helped establish a synthesis of the necessary key functionalities. Finally, a detailed definition and framing of each project allows the program to be set in motion and prepare for the selection and implementation of the Customer Data Platform.

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    Program and change management

    Thanks to effective scoping, a project methodology tailored to the client's environment, and sharp expertise in the Customer Data Platform, program understanding and acceptance were natural, leading to increased team proactivity.

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    Call for bid and decision support

    Velvet's management of the call for proposals regarding the CDP allowed the focus to be on expressing needs and benefiting from external expertise in choosing the final tool. A comprehensive methodology and well-controlled milestones (RFI, RFP, presentations, quantitative/qualitative analyses) provide all the necessary information to select the partner that can best support the transformation strategy towards omnichannel and personalized marketing.