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Exceptional CRM

Group-level customer excellence in service of the Houses.

The need

A luxury group aims to support its fashion Houses in implementing their customer engagement strategy and accelerating the adoption of new personalized customer experiences to support their CRM ambition.

The main objectives:

  • Define the vision of customer engagement at the group level.
  • Define and achieve OKRs (animated revenue, retention, share of VIC).
  • Structure, recruit, and stabilize key roles and manage the team.
visuel crm exception velvet

The partnership with Velvet was based on a longstanding relationship of trust to support and develop the group-level customer engagement strategy team.

  • Etoile

    Competitive intelligence and strategic priorities

    Market trend observation and analysis of key customer engagement indicators are conducted to identify future priorities on a global scale, such as engaging the most valuable customers, in order to achieve the group's objectives.

  • Etoile

    Customer engagement strategy

    Customer engagement strategies are developed for the group's brands to optimize customer retention and value, leveraging the power of data. The adopted approach involves analyzing customer behaviors to identify relational priorities that address the business challenges of the brands.

  • Etoile

    Implementation and monitoring

    The creation of personalized action plans to support strategies, their implementation, and ongoing monitoring throughout the year are ensured. Results are evaluated quantitatively and qualitatively, while remaining attentive to trends. The unique essence of each House and its business priorities are taken into account in this process.