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Customer Excellence

New personalized and omnichannel customer and employee journeys.

The need

As part of its customer relationship transformation program, an insurance industry leader aims to center customers and build the future around them.

The main objectives of the program were:

  • Build customer loyalty through a unique customer experience
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Optimize operational and business efficiency in networks
visuel excellence omnicanal

The partnership with Velvet was based on a shared vision where customer relationship excellence drives sustainable growth.

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    New omnichannel experience

    We have recently focused our efforts on optimizing customer relationships. In this initiative, we redesigned the workplace for advisors, making it more ergonomic and providing a 360-degree view of the customer. Advisors now have a powerful tool that allows them to access a comprehensive view of the customer, receive personalized sales suggestions, and benefit from features that facilitate the daily management of their activities.

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    Improving the customer experience

    To enhance the customer experience, we introduced a new customer journey management tool that optimizes customer journeys across all channels, enabling real-time management through AI. This omnichannel approach allows for dynamically personalizing customer journeys, ensuring a smooth and consistent experience.

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    Change management

    The Velvet Mission also focuses on supporting the Change team in co-constructing the Change roadmap around the new customer journeys. This involves close collaboration in preparing framing workshops, developing the Change roadmap, creating a map of the affected populations, and defining an accompanying plan.