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Continuous Transformation

Executing a digital and business transformation to strengthen its leadership.

The need

A beauty industry player aims to establish itself as a long-term leader in the beauty sector. In this context, for over 7 years, we have been supporting them in their global and Europe Middle East digital transformation.

The main objectives of the program were:

  • Enhance customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Reinvent the in-store experience with new store concepts.
  • Implement innovation and AI projects to drive brand growth.
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The partnership with Velvet was built on a logic of transformation with the goal of excelling in both digital and in-store experiences.

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    New Store Concept

    The objective was to provide a memorable experience for customers and enhance their loyalty to the distribution network through the deployment of a new store concept—more flexible, modern, and offering a unique customer experience.

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    E-commerce Acceleration

    We supported digital leaders (EME and globally) by managing the 2023 e-commerce strategy and defining the 2025/2027 strategy, infusing IT & Digital vision into cross-functional programs such as innovation, AI, data, while assuming major annual milestones such as budget and strategic planning.

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    Digital Innovation at Scale

    A structured approach to innovation, based on collaboration between regional and global stakeholders, was implemented to explore new opportunities based on emerging trends and launch innovative POCs in collaboration with regions.