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Accelerate your Omnichannel and Digital Commerce

Deliver a leading customer experience to ensure sustainable growth.

To realize this vision, we approach digital not as an isolated channel but in perfect complementarity with physical channels. This omnichannel approach, diversification of distribution channels, leveraging customer data for increased personalization, and building a robust industrialized ecosystem are all essential pillars to create unparalleled customer experiences.

According to our Future Shopper 2023 study:

  • 56%

    of customers want a seamless experience across different channels.

  • 59%

    believe that brands should do more to offset their environmental impact.

  • 61%

    want brands to use technology more to improve shopping experiences.

Our e-commerce and digital experts accompany you to:

Boost your performance.
Revamp your website.
Launch into Direct-to-Customer.
Diversify your digital channels.
Build and maintain your omnichannel architecture.
Structure your sustainable commerce approach.

The + Velvet:

  • Etoile


    Comprehensive support with complementary expertise: consulting, UX/UI, development and integrators, data & analytics, project management, operational run, TMA, or Center of Excellence.

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    Annual off-the-shelf studies such as Future Shopper and E-commerce Benchmark.

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    Ready-to-use use cases such as abandoned cart, back-in-stock, or the digital passport of products on our in-house omnichannel platform, Velvet Shop.

We collaborate with tech leaders:

Adobe, Salesforce, Google Analytics, VTEX, Intershop, Big Commerce, Drupal, Contentsquare, SoCloz, Onestock