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The future of e-Commerce 2023.

Thorough benchmark onducted involving 9 publishers, utilizing a questionnaire encompassing over 200 criteria. This comprehensive analysis offers a holistic view of the e-commerce solutions market.

The 2023 edition of our e-commerce benchmark offers a thorough and comparative analysis, highlighting trends, performance, and platform functionalities. This benchmark aims to guide you in navigating the market and discovering platforms that can enhance your performance through an adapted digital experience.

E-commerce is consistently growing, driven by evolving consumer habits. Therefore, having the tools to adapt and meet new trends and needs is crucial.

We present nine publishers of varying sizes, each catering to a wide range of client requirements and making a significant impact on both national and international markets.

This benchmark was constructed based on a questionnaire with over 200 criteria, listing the primary demands of our clients. The surveyed publishers were consulted to supplement and clarify their responses, ensuring a comprehensive and precise analysis.

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The future of e-Commerce 2023

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Emmanuelle Evette
Head of e-Commerce